CES'20 Wrap-Up & Videos ::: Journal Call Now Open ::: Issue 0 Forthcoming

Onwards from #CryptoEconSys20!

Hello colleagues,

Thanks to all of you who participated in Cryptoeconomic Systems ‘20 earlier this month! Despite the challenging times we managed to pull through with a well-received conference taking additional hygiene and distancing measures.

CES’20 was presented in cooperation with USENIX, the advancing computing systems association. We gratefully acknowledge sponsorship from the Web3 Foundation, Calibra and Cooley Law. Huge thanks to the MIT Bitcoin Club for hosting us alongside the 7th annual MIT Bitcoin Expo this year! Special thanks also to Platform design agency for our lovely new visual identity - more on that soon.

Presentation videos are on YouTube and full texts of papers are linked on the conference program.

What’s going on now:

  • Our first journal Call for Papers is now open! Please help us spread the world and consider it as a venue for your work.

  • We are seeking expressions of interest to host our flagship peer reviewed conference in Europe or Asia in 2021. Call for Hosts is here.

  • Our editors Andrew, Neha and Wassim wrote this letter a few weeks ago giving some background and context to the Cryptoeconomic Systems journey so far.

  • Our prototype of the first journal output will soon be ready for your perusal! Issue 0 is intended will be an open experiment in reformulating the traditional publication medium for our accelerating times.

Best wishes,

Wassim and the Cryptoeconomic Systems team

2 weeks until CES & Bitcoin Expo '20 ::: Full Papers Online ::: Ticket Discount Code

We're looking forward to seeing you in Boston soon!

Hello colleagues,

Though it’s been less than 5 months since our October ‘19 Summit, we are almost ready to go again! This time, we are happy to present our first peer reviewed conference event, Cryptoeconomic Systems ‘20 in cooperation with USENIX, the advancing computing systems association. We gratefully acknowledge sponsorship from the Web3 Foundation and Calibra. Huge thanks to the MIT Bitcoin Club for hosting us alongside the 7th annual MIT Bitcoin Expo this year!

See you in a couple of weeks!
The Cryptoeconomic Systems Team

March 7 & 8 ::: Cryptoeconomic Systems '20 ::: MIT ::: Program & Ticketing Details

Our first peer reviewed conference program is confirmed & combined tickets with the MIT Bitcoin Expo are now on sale!

Happy 2020 to you! We hope the start of the year has been fruitful and productive.

Winter usually means quieter periods of activity, but this has not been the case at Cryptoeconomic Systems HQ! After our inaugurual Summit in October 2019, our first Call for Papers closed in mid-November after a short extension to accommodate greatly increased interest following our first CryptoEconSys event. Together with our 42-member Program Committee we then commenced a pioneering experiment into interdisciplinary peer review.

Based on the feedback of reviewers and ensuing discussions with the editorial team, we selected 26 papers from 80 submissions for CES ‘20. We employed 4 outcome types with different pathways to publishing in the journal which we’ll unpack in greater detail alongside the conference program shortly. The conference is co-located with the 7th annual MIT Bitcoin Expo on the MIT campus 7 & 8 March. Early Bird tickets are already on sale and very inexpensive, so we hope to see you there!

Event information: https://cryptoeconomicsystems.pubpub.org/ces20
Tickets via MIT Bitcoin Expo: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mit-bitcoin-expo-2020-tickets-91011105667

Below is a taster of the conference program, with the full schedule going live on our website later this week. Prospective event sponsors, please see here and reach out to editor@cryptoeconomic.systems.

Cryptoeconomic Systems Summit Debrief

Post-event resources and reminder for next activities

Thanks so much to those attending and participating in the inaugural Cryptoeconomic Systems event. We truly appreciate you taking the time and in many cases traveling great distances to be with us. Our ~225 attendees hailed from every corner of the globe, making it an intercontinental as well as interdisciplinary gathering.

Presentation videos will start to appear on the Digital Currency Initiative YouTube channel very soon, please subscribe & feel free to share them with colleagues / on social media channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJkYmuzqAnIKn3NPg5lc0Wg

We had the luxury of several scribes taking transcripts of some of the sessions:

Bryan Bishop: https://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/cryptoeconomic-systems/2019/

SJ Klein (KFG) & Crowdsource: https://cess.pubpub.org/

Rhys Lindmark (DCI):

Of course, Twitter lit up with a flurry of #CESSummit2019 posts: https://twitter.com/hashtag/CESSummit2019

Reminder ::: Our Call For Papers for the 2020 edition of CES which takes place March 7/8 closes soon! Please consider it as a venue for your work so we can together develop this experimental initiative for the good of the scholarly commons. More details here: https://cryptoeconomicsystems.pubpub.org/

Best wishes & hope to see you in March,

The Cryptoeconomic Systems Team

Buy Tickets for October Summit & Announcing Spring CFP

October event information & Cryptoeconomic Systems Spring ‘20 Call For Papers


Welcome to an occasional update from our Cryptoeconomic Systems (CES) journal and conference series newsletter. 

Get Your Tickets for Cryptoeconomic Systems Summit, October 5-6

First, a reminder that our October 5-6 Summit in Boston is in less than a month away—buy your ticket now! We have 30+ talks with research experts across computer science, economics, and law. Click here to see speakers and sessions, or scroll below.

Tickets ($250): are available at tickets19.cryptoeconomic.systems. Also, please send this along to colleagues who you’d like to see there.

Hotels: There are a limited number of discounted rooms at the nearby Hyatt Regency Cambridge for the nights of 4th and 5th October which can be booked via the following link. Please be aware that this allocation is also time-limited and must be booked by Fri Sep 20th - hotel19.cryptoeconomic.systems

Call For Papers: Cryptoeconomic Systems Spring ‘20 Conference


We are pleased to announce a Call For Papers for a two-day event to be held in Boston in early March: Cryptoeconomic Systems (CES) ‘20.

Topics of interest include all contexts of cryptoeconomic systems with emphasis on computer science, economics and law. Interdisciplinary approaches are particularly encouraged. We are searching for the following types of submissions: research papers, SoKs, meta-analyses, subject surveys, measurement papers, and working papers. Submissions can be up to 5000 words excluding references and appendices.

Accepted papers for Cryptoeconomic Systems ‘20 will be presented at the conference and included in a special conference proceedings edition of the Cryptoeconomic Systems journal - online with print edition to follow. Scroll to the bottom to see the members of our program committee.

Key Information:
Submission: October 22 2019 (HotCRP)
Author notification: January 18 2020
Camera Ready: February 2 2020
Conference: Early March 2020

Contact: chairs@cryptoeconomic.systems

Agenda for October Field Building Summit

The first Cryptoeconomic Systems event is in a few weeks: Oct 5-6 at MIT. The event has a dual focus on current research in computer science, law, economics and associated fields, as well as discussion of broader questions regarding academia-industry collaboration, trans-disciplinary challenges, fundraising, transparency, peer review and the role that scholarly publishing plays in academic culture. Intended to help shape the new journal’s focus and approach, this will be an intimate and focused participatory gathering of scholars, practitioners and institutional representatives. The agenda is below. Thanks to our sponsors for helping us put together this event.

(Note: This agenda is still being updated.)

Computer Science

High-Assurance Smart Contracts & Privacy

Andrew Poelstra (Blockstream)

Oleg Andreev (Interstellar)

Tim Ruffing (Blockstream)

Madars Virza (MIT DCI)


Dahlia Malkhi (Calibra)

Ittai Abraham (VMWare Research)

The Blockchain Trilemma: A First-Principles Perspective

Sreeram Kannan (University of Washington, Seattle)

David Tse (Stanford)

Pramod Viswanath (UIUC)

Giulia Fanti (CMU)


Cory Fields (MIT DCI)

Ethan Heilman (Arwen)

Scalability and Interoperability

Aniket Kate (Purdue)

Reihaneh Safavi-Naini (U. Calgary)


Central Bank Digital Currencies & Digital Fiat

Robleh Ali (MIT DCI)

Robert Bench (Federal Reserve of Boston)

Sonja Davidovic and Majid Malaika (IMF)

Gary Gensler (MIT)

Economics in a Blockchain Setting

Matt Weinberg (Princeton)

Cathy Barrera (Prysm Group)

Claudio Tessone (U. Zurich)

David Vorick (Sia)

Economics and Risk

Byron Gibson (Stanford) 

Hanna Halaburda (NYU Stern)

Cryptoeconomic Theory

Akseli Virtanen (Stanford)

Jorge Lopez (ECSA)

Jonathan Bellmer (Pratt Institute)

Benjamin Lee (The New School)

Robert Meister (UCSC)

Cryptoeconomics in Practice

Charlie Noyes (Paradigm)

Benjamin Smith (Gnosis)

Arjun Hassad (NuCypher)

Complex Systems

Michael Zargham (BlockScience)

Tarun Chitra (Gauntlet)

Monica Quaintance (Kadena)

Zixuan Zhang (Protocol Labs)

Shermin Voshmgir (Cryptoeconomics Lab, WU Vienna)

Kris Paruch (Cryptoeconomics Lab, WU Vienna)


Industry and Academia

Ari Juels (Cornell Tech, IC3)

Maurice Herlihy (Brown)

Tadge Dryja (MIT DCI)

Semantics and Language

Angela Walch (St. Mary’s, UCL)

Jacky Mallett (U. Reykjavik)

Wassim Alsindi (MIT DCI)

Research and Peer Review

Andrew Miller (UIUC)

Jason Potts and Ellie Rennie (RMIT)

Jason Teutsch (Truebit)

Knowledge Aggregation and Propagation

Bryan Bishop (Bitcoin Core)

Blockchain Law

Summer Kim (UC Irvine)

Kevin Werbach (UPenn Wharton)

Carla Reyes (Michigan State)

Blockchain Ethics

Quinn DuPont (UC Dublin)

Rhys Lindmark (MIT DCI)

Interested? Tickets are available at tickets19.cryptoeconomic.systems using code: CryptoMediaGen2019.

Cryptoeconomic Systems Program Committee

The Program Committee for our March event is below. For the full CFP, see 2020.cryptoeconomic.systems.

Content Chairs & Journal Editors-In-Chief:

Andrew Miller (UIUC / IC3)

Neha Narula (MIT DCI)

Local Chairs:

Wassim Alsindi (MIT DCI)

Rhys Lindmark (MIT DCI)

Program Committee:

Robleh Ali (MIT DCI)

Man Ho Allen Au (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Sarah Azouvi (University College London)

Foteini Baldimtsi (George Mason University)

Balázs Bodó (University of Amsterdam)

Rainer Böhme (University of Innsbruck)

Ethan Buchman (Interchain Foundation)

Benedikt Bunz (Stanford University)

Christian Cachin (University of Bern)

Bram Cohen (Chia)

Philip Daian (Cornell Tech / IC3)

Christian Decker (Blockstream)

Tadge Dryja (MIT DCI)

Rick Dudley (Vulcanize)

Ittay Eyal (Technion / IC3)

Cyril Grunspan (ESILV)

Hanna Halaburda (NYU Stern)

Zhiguo He (Chicago Booth)

Ethan Heilman (Arwen)

Philipp Jovanovic (EFPL / UCL)

Aniket Kate (Purdue University)

Summer Kim (University of California, Irvine)

Sarah Jamie Lewis (Open Privacy)

Jacky Mallett (Reykjavik University)

Patrick McCorry (Pisa Research)

Catherine Meadows (Naval Research Laboratory)

Tyler Moore (University of Tulsa)

Pedro Moreno-Sanchez (TU Vienna)

Patrick Murck (Transparent Systems)

Andrew Poelstra (Blockstream)

Jason Potts (RMIT)

James Prestwich (Summa)

Lane Rettig (Spacemesh)

Carla Reyes (Michigan State University)

Dan Robinson (Paradigm)

Tim Ruffing (Blockstream)

Jeremy Rubin (MIT DCI)

Stefanie Roos (TU Delft)

Thibault Schrepel (Utrecht University)

Alfred Taudes (WU Vienna)

Madars Virza (MIT DCI)

Angela Walch (St. Mary’s University)

If you have any questions, please just respond to this email directly. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Disclaimer: All content is for informational purposes only and not intended as investment advice.

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